Each year JOHNSON & CO. helps individuals, businesses, fiduciaries, trusts and tax exempt organizations prepare tax returns and guide them through complex tax situations. Our tax professionals are personally committed to serving you/your organization with a no-surprises approach that allows for tax savings, and keeping compliance issues in check.

Business owners need reliable financial advice. We provide owner-operated businesses with reliable, experienced support in handling day-to-day accounting matters as well as ensuring that essentials like payroll, bookkeeping and tax return preparation are handled properly. By partnering with JOHNSON & CO. to help you manage key non-core functions, you can concentrate efforts on maximizing your core business, which is essential to businesses that are positioned for growth.

Good decisions are a result of consulting with financial advisors who not only understand your business, but also have helped other businesses with similar issues. JOHNSON & CO. recognizes the importance of serving as a strategic partner for your business. We work with you or your internal financial team as an independent advisor to provide the full range of financial perspectives your business requires.

The areas of Financial Planning and Advising require a huge amount of specialized knowledge and you’ll need some help getting it right. Your financial planner will help you create a road map for your financial future to format retirement, tax and college plans according to your needs. On the other hand, your financial adviser deals specifically with investing. Every step of the way your adviser will guide you on how to best invest your money. Every step of the way your adviser at JOHNSON & CO. will guide you on how to best invest your money.

JOHNSON & CO. works with you to develop a plan to utilize and retain your accumulated wealth. We then apply our experience and resources to help you achieve your desires for your estate and gift plan. Failing to plan for your estate can mean that the government, rather than your heirs, may get the major portion of your hard-earned money. Planned giving also enables you to maximize your personal philanthropic objectives while minimizing taxes.

As your loved ones age, they may need help with their day-to-day financial tasks. JOHNSON & CO. has the professional staff to help senior adults manage their finances while maintaining their independence and financial freedom. Whether an older person needs comprehensive help or just a monthly reminder to pay bills, financial management for seniors not only helps maintain independence, but provides relief to care givers and helps protect against scams.